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AVCon – Cosplay Central

AVCon: Adelaide’s Anime & Video Games Festival hit back in July and was an absolute blast. Everyone here at D1DLC had been absolutely hanging out for it, mainly due to the amazing talent displayed in the Indie Games room each year and you can hear more about that from Jake, Brad & Jordo  by following this link to the video, however for myself it’s the cosplay that brings me back year after year.

In my opinion cosplay is central and integral to AVCon, the event was built by impassioned individuals from Adelaide Uni that had a love for Anime, Video games, and the characters portrayed in both forms of media. Due to this, the cosplay community in Adelaide has flourished and become a thing of beauty. In fact I’d even go so far as to say that a large part AVCon’s success over the years has been its willingness to support and encourage cosplayers of all skill levels to get out and strut their stuff.

The multiple events and panels centered around this highlight the support given to the community, from their major sponsored competition to the cosplay parade that any and all can enter, the amazing work, effort, and love that is on show gets ample and equal stage throughout the weekend.

I spoke more about the history of the community back in April with my coverage of OzComiCon, but really I will always enjoy AVCon more. In part due to nostalgia, but mainly it’s the amazing volume and acceptance of cosplay on display at the event.

Since AVCon 2017 rapped up there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of photo’s shared. I’m not shy to admit mostly much better than those I was able to take (Hint; Don’t debut a new camera at a major event, it doesn’t end well.) however I have been able to pull a few gems out of the rubble of my attempts at photography to share with you all.

*If you are featured in any of the included photo’s please hit us up so that you can be properly credited.

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