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200 Words: Super Mutant Alien Assault

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Super Mutant Alien Assault (SMAA) is a local co-op platformer, supporting up to two players in mutated alienkilling insanity.  Having recently gone live from early access, it knocks crazy, high-speed, wanton violence out of the solar system.

Play is fast and brutal, the game consisting of twelve randomised levels divided into three sections, the fourth round of each ending with an immense boss battle. With a range of enemies and upgrades being unlocked as you progress or replay, game play continues at a frenetic pace even when you think you’ve learnt what you should be doing. The retro art style and intensive electronic soundtrack draw you further in and perfectly suit the mood of the game.

Once a single play-through has been completed, ‘Heroic’ difficulty and ‘Endless’ mode are unlocked, each more brutal than the last. Play can be solo, however as we found out, co-op is definitely where this game is at its best, being both intense and harrowing in the best of ways. If I did have to ask for something extra from SMAA, it would have to be online matchmaking. Available on PC through steam, controller support is enabled, and in my opinion is required for the best experience.

Want more Super Mutant Alien Assault? Check out our co-op gameplay here:

Mutant alien destruction in its finest form!

Super Mutant Alien Assault sets the pace at hard-and-fast right out of the gates, and holds it there. Currently available at an intro price of $9.99US, expecting to increase to $12.49. It’s definitely a lot of bang for not many bucks.


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