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200 Words: Rise & Shine

No fluff, just the important stuff. Reviews in 200 words or less with a number at the end. What more do you need? 

Rise & Shine (Rise) is a brutally addictive platform puzzle shooter brought to you by *deep breath* SUPER AWESOME HYPER DIMENSIONAL MEGA TEAM. It punishes you mercilessly for every minor lapse in judgment but looks amazing as it does while managing to deliver a strange sense of accomplishment.

The story of Rise is told through still images with brief dialogue between levels and is as old as time, filled with greed and treachery. The cartoon visuals and gaming references that are delivered thick and fast seem to be at odds with the brutality and gore depicted in combat but are masterfully done. Low health and ‘infinite re-spawns’ make death practically a mechanic leaving you feeling at times that you’re just throwing yourself at a brick wall, until that epiphany moment happens and you finally succeed. It’s in that moment, that feeling of joy at surpassing the unsurpassable that really makes Rise.

Although the mechanics of Rise are nothing new, it’s this simplicity that is the saving grace for a woefully balanced game. Available on XBox One and PC Rise supports all the control formats I had available to throw at it, not that any of them did me much good.

I only rage quit three times!

At $14.99US on both Steam and Xbox Live, Rise & Shine is a short yet time consuming romp through the death filled zones of Gamearth. If screaming bloody murder at your own incompetence is a thing you enjoy, Rise is set to deliver strongly no matter how you play.


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