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200 Words: Deus Ex Mankind Divided

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The latest installment of the Deus Ex series Mankind Divided picks up two years after the events of Human Revolution. The grizzled protagonist Adam Jensen returns with all new augmentations, gadgets and weapons in an action packed RPG adventure that easily lives up to the lofty expectations we expect from the Deus Ex series.

Taking place in a beautifully crafted world, with expansive areas, bustling AI and a diverse range of side quests Deus Ex feels alive and immersive. Set in a turbulent time for humanity where aug’s and humans alike stand on the brink of all out civil war, the plot and story line are elaborately delivered and will keep you hooked on seeking answers throughout the entire game.

With exceptionally well executed characters arcs, diverging story lines which give weight to difficult moral choices the RPG elements are perfectly balanced. All new augmentations, upgrades, crafting systems and intricately designed missions allow freedom and replay-ability for new comers to the series or experienced Deus Ex veterans.

With a lot to live up to Mankind Divided delivers everything we’d hoped in the latest Deus Ex installment and is easily takes its place as the best in the series to date.

Want to know know more about Deus Ex Mankind Divided? We’ll be talking Mankind Divided on episode 28 of the podcast or check out our video review right here:

Super human abilities and really cool sunglasses….YUP!

Everything you’ve been looking for since Human Revolution, Mankind Divided brings Adam Jensen back into the fray with awesome new augmentations, a beautifully intricate world, excellent story line and solid combat. Not much more to ask for really.


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