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200 Words: Headlander

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Headlander is Double Fines psychedelic new metroidvania puzzler. From the minute you launch into this mind altering vision of our distant future, you are transported into a retro sci-fi world full of some of the most cringe worthy puns in a game to date.

The mood is set from the opening cinematic, with visuals and audio perfectly reflecting a future as seen through the eyes of a 1970’s novelist. Your dialogue with the residents, robots and even doors is offbeat yet entertaining, but can grow tiresome. The puzzles are interesting but not overly difficult, and the combat is both simple and short. What sets Headlander apart though is your character. Simply put, you’re a disembodied head. It’s an interesting take on a tried and true style of gaming. With gameplay altering as you progress along a simple yet satisfying upgrade system.

Beneath the humour is a dark and twisted story. Enjoyable, if at times a little unnerving, it slowly expands as you discover hidden corridors and rooms containing garbled messages. A brilliant single player experience, available on PC and PS4, Headlander may only last a single play through but it’ll keep you giggling and a little confused the entire time.

Hitchhikers Guide, Red Dwarf and Metroid take acid in an interstellar bar…

At D1DLC we don’t approve the use of illicit drugs while programming, but if we did I feel the result would look something like Headlander. At $19.99US it’s an interesting and somewhat rewarding romp through tacky 70’s décor in space, complete with shag pile carpet.


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