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200 Words: Armed with Wings: Rearmed

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NOTE: This game is in early release. While we have scored it, it is only relevant in it’s current state. It will be reviewed again on full release. 

Armed With Wings: Rearmed is the moodiest damn sword toting platformer I’ve laid my hands on to date. Thrust into the dilapidated world of Black Mist, you’re resurrected and sent down a dark path of vengeance… with an eagle.

 After moving past a brief early access menu, you are launched into a crisp monotone title screen. Given free reign from the outset, all modes open by default, Story beckons. A beautifully stylised cut scene greets you, followed by a short yet precise tutorial. After this, over 30 levels of… mild disappointment. Rearmed isn’t bad. The level design is acceptable, combat simple yet expansive. An ever growing arsenal of bladed weaponry and abilities see to that. You’re also forced to control a small winged beastie, those switches need switching. On completion, Survival! A grind fit for any true completionist. In fairness, VS Battle is really enjoyable, for a while. Two controllers, simple combat, your buddy turned to black smoke.

This iteration of Armed With Wings continues a successful flash game series. Unfortunately it fails to move far beyond its humble beginnings. Either by design or limitation, Rearmed feels as though it would be more at home featured on Newgrounds, than on Steam.

All the darkness, just like my soul…

Armed With Wings: Rearmed is the internet from around 2005. Giving a brief glimpse into platform hack-and-slash gaming from the flash era, with a dash of emo for good measure. Currently in early access and available for $7.99US, it’ll help you kill a couple hours but probably won’t last much longer.


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