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Aussie Game Spotlight: Forts

Forts is a physics based real time strategy game by EarthWork Games out of Brisbane and the premise is a simple one: Do unto others before they do unto you.


Forts follows some pretty basic RTS rules. You gather resources, in this case metal and energy, to build a base, arm it to the teeth and rain destruction on your foes. Thanks to the static nature of your fort, as well as the physics involved in keeping the damn thing upright, the game rewards thought out, considered construction. From anchoring your Fort for stability to ensuring you’re getting the most out of your wind turbines, a well-constructed Fort is a Fort that survives.

Making sure it doesn’t collapse under it’s own weight is step one. Arming that bad boy to the TEETH is step two. The weapons in Forts are diverse and destructive, from humble machine gunners to weapons of near mass destruction. It’s not a fire and forget situation though, you need to take careful aim, something some of D1 crew found easier than others.

There is a campaign mode that, like most RTS games, is designed more to teach you the game than anything else, although it’s quite challenging, even on easy. It also doesn’t shy away from getting a little political, although it’s all very tongue in cheek. And that’s just the tip though. The breadth of options in Forts is quite staggering. Map editors, campaign gameplay, co-op, skirmish mode, pvp, it’s fair to say the Forts has PLENTY to keep you busy and represents incredible value.

The eight person gameplay option has us particularly excited. Forts is a game that can very quickly become quite frantic even in a one v one or two v AI situation. Having eight people hurling bullets at each other would likely melt our brains in glorious fashion.

With surprising depths, great physics mechanics and an incredible array of options, Forts is a RTS that any fan of the genre should check out and is available now on Steam.

You can check out Jake and I failing magnificently in our first game of Forts here!

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