What’s on and what’s out: June 21 to June 29

After a quiet week there is more on than we have time to get to once again! An AVCon event, a sequel a long time coming and Lego! As always you can see the full list of events here and if you think we need to add something, get in touch

June 21 – Mighty No. 9 (PS, XB, PC)

The spiritual successor to Mega Man, this successful Kickstarter finally gets a release. Was it worth the wait??

June 23 – Independence Day 2 (Movie)

I loved the original Independence Day although I was but a teen when it came out. I find it difficult to get excited about this one. Am I wrong? Will it be amazing?

June 25AVCon Ball (Event)

One of the biggest events on the AVCon social calendar and shaping to be a great night, as always. Tickets are $15 at the door at the German Club in the Adelaide CBD. We’ll see you there!

June 29Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PS, XB, PC)

Lego + Star Wars = Win. We expect this one to be no exception. Keep an eye out for our review next week!

June 29 – The Technomancer (PS, XB, PC)

An RPG set on a post-apocalyptic Mars with in depth crafting, character customization and multiple playstyles? Yep, count us in. Look out for our review the moment the embargo lifts on Tuesday night.

Did we miss something? A major release, a local event, something you think we need to share with the world? Let us know!


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