What’s on and what’s out: 19/05 – 25/05

Games and how to make ‘em! It’s a big week for game releases but before you get into a couple of the biggest games to release this year, learn how to make them with AIE! Or at least, learn how you can learn…you know what I mean.

As always you can see the full list of events here and if you think we need to add something, get in touch

May 19X-Men: Apocalypse (Movie)

Much like Doom, we’ve cooled on X-Men: Apocalypse somewhat. We all loved First Class and Days of Future Past but for reasons unknown we’re not kicking down the cinema door to get in. Maybe superhero movie burnout is real or maybe they’re so good now that unless they are amazing we’re happy to give it a miss, we’re not sure. All except for Adam anyway, he’s SUPER pumped for this.

May 21AIE Open Day (Event)

We think you should make games because we like to play games. Not sure where to start? AIE has an opening day on Saturday, check it out, make games and send them to us to play!

May 24Overwatch (PS, XB, PC),

They hype is real! We went into the closed beta not expecting much. We headed into the open beta with excitement and now we cannot wait for the launch of this game. Are there questions? Certainly. Is there enough content? Will we be playing in a couple of weeks? Is Bastion OP? Does Winston shampoo his whole body or use soap? We won’t know that until we’ve sunk some hours in. What we do know though, is the beta was a hell of a lot of fun.

May 24 – Total War: Warhammer (PC)

Total War is an amazing franchise but it’s fair to say it has been a little stale recently. Warhammer may be the shot in the arm it needs to return to top tier franchise. We’re psyched and this is a must buy game for fans of strategy games.

Did we miss something? A major release, a local event, something you think we need to share with the world? Let us know!


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