We’re super excited to introduce the D1VGC (D1DLC Video Game Club). This is an idea we’ve been thinking about for a little while but the current Hacknet special has spurred us into action.

We will choose a game – always low cost or free – and commit to playing it during the following four weeks. At the end of those four weeks we’ll be talking about it on the podcast before choosing the next. Simple.

What we really hope is that you’ll be joining us. In fact you’re the most important part of the D1VGC and the reason we want to do it at all. We want to share gaming experiences with you and have you share yours with us.

Not only can you let us know what you think of the game via our normal contact methods, we would love it if you sent us some audio thoughts for us to play on the show. If you go all out and do a video we’ll pop it on our YouTube channel and share it with everyone.

We’re going to start with the critically acclaimed, Adelaide made, Hacknet. You can get this game at half price on Steam ($4.99 US) until the end of the week (June 10). A great price for a local game and smash hit to boot.

Once each of the D1DLC team has chosen a game we’ll let you choose one…if not all of them going forward! We will give you more details on that as we get closer to it happening.

For now, go! Get Hacknet! Play it and let us know what you think. Episode 18 of the D1DLC podcast is when we’ll be talking about it, so get a move on!

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