Razer Announces New External Graphics Enclosure: the Razer Core X Chroma

Earlier this morning Razer announced new external graphics card enclosure, called the Razer Core X Chroma. For those of you who haven’t had much to do with these I’ll explain a little about it. What this does, is allows you to buy a desktop style graphics card ( I will add that this works with both Nvidia and AMD cards) and hook them up to a laptop externally. So you get to benefit from keeping the portability of a laptop, but when you plug in the Razer Core X Chroma, you can then game with the best graphics available.

The Core X Chroma boasts a 700W ATX power supply which is enough to power even the greediest of GPU’s (enough power for the RGB lighting it has in it as well!) With USB connection and a gigabit Ethernet connection the Core X Chroma is compatible with a wide range of Windows Laptops and Macbooks!

A very simple Plug and Play system helps even the least tech savvy gamers get into gaming. Simply get a compatible GPU, the installation is tool-less with a slide draw locking mechanism. The card is inserted and secured with a single thumb screw.

The Core X Chroma is available today for a MSRP $649AUD

For more detailed information you can visit

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