Digital Hype Arcade: The Hyper Deck

There is something about the feel of a joystick, the tactile feedback from the buttons you madly mash, the elation of entering the all-important three digit Highest Score after hours of hard work. Many of us can remember the old arcade days, the friends we made, the enemies we defeated and the hours spent honing our skills at the arcade. Those glory days need not be over thanks to Digital Hype Arcade.

A South Australian owned and operated business, Digital Hype Arcade specialise in bringing the old school arcade feel into your homes and businesses with a range of expertly hand crafted arcade machines running all of the latest emulators and just about every gaming title you can think of. From Atari, to Sega Mega Drive thousands of games are carefully selected and coded to work flawlessly on every machine they produce.

Recently we were lucky enough for the folks at Digital Hype Arcade to provide us with one of their All In One systems, the Hyper deck, to take for a joy ride. And it literally is that, absolute, unashamed joy! Whilst our time with this incredible machine was short, we definitely made the most of every second.

HyperDeck1From the moment you lay eyes on the Hyper Deck it’s clear that the craftsmanship is second to none, meticulously designed and executed to create quite simply, a masterpiece. From the xim-mo controllers to the 18 heavy duty buttons and Zippy Heavy Duty Joysticks, you can feel the sturdiness and quality. We rigorously put buttons and joysticks through their paces and we are happy to say they are rock solid and will take as much punishment as you can throw at it…..even during those inevitable rage quite moments!

The Hyper Deck unit itself is built with 16mm MDF construction, rubber T-moulding on all edges and HDMI 1080p Video out/HDMI sound. Measuring in at around H=115mm; W=275mm; D=765mm it’s ideal for easy transport and setting up quickly and easily to anything with a HDMI port. Housed in this gorgeous arcade console is a Raspberry Pi V3 and 32gb of super-fast storage for thousands and thousands of games.

The artwork and details are superb, with heavy duty no slip decals adorning it’s exterior designed to take the rigours and stress of true arcade style gaming. It also comes in 4 different colours so it’ll match any theme easily.

With a snappy operating system, seemingly unlimited lists of games, and extremely high build quality with absolutely jaw dropping style, it is almost impossible to find fault with this machine. Almost. The one and only issue we could find with the Hyper Deck is the short HDMI cable which is not detachable. Depending on your TV or monitor setup this may not be an issue, however it would be nice to have the option of a longer HDMI cable for those larger lounge room setups or gaming parties.

Weighing in at $450AU on special and a standard price of $650AU (at the time of writing this) can safely say it earns its price tag. You might be thinking at that price the Hyper Deck should be comparable to the current generations of consoles, with the latest games and best graphics. And at some level you are right, it does fit loosely into the console category. However, the Hyper Deck is not specifically about the coolest graphics or the latest games. You won’t be playing Uncharted 4 or Overwatch on this. It’s about nostalgia, intense tactile gaming, interacting with your friends in real life instead of behind a desk, and that blood pumping, arthritic inducing frantic gameplay the arcade genre is known and loved for. I can tell you right now, I know what’s going on my Christmas wish list! Get along to Digital Hype Arcade and check out these stunning arcade machines… can thank me later!

If you want to see and hear more about the Hyper Deck check out our showcase of what this arcade machine has to offer!

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