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200 Words – Total War: Warhammer review

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Please note, we received a review copy of Total War: Warhammer and thus did not part with our hard earned to review it. 

Total War: Warhammer is a glorious return to…err…glory for the franchise and the start of what we hope is a long partnership.

The freedom to include magic, flying units and necromancers breathes fresh life into what had become a solid but unremarkable franchise. The four campaigns/armies feel unique providing genuine replayability. Magic is fun, balanced and gorgeous to behold while the threat of Chaos adds an interesting element of urgency and sometimes desperation to the campaign.

It’s not perfect. Load times are brutal. The easy setting…well it’s not overly difficult but it’s certainly not easy either. Some flying units feel a little overpowered and the campaign map is not as intuitive as I would like – more of a challenge for newcomers than Total War veterans.

These are small quibbles in what is a magnificent game. It’s everything we hoped this combination of franchises would be. We would have liked to see more armies at release but there is tons of content so we don’t feel short-changed. If you like Total War, Warhammer or strategy games this is a must buy.

The best Total War to date

A fantastic return to form for the Total War series and the perfect merging of franchises. A must for strategy fans and a contender for game of the year.


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