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200 Words – Uncharted 4 review

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Uncharted 4 delivers an expertly crafted action-adventure experience with a deep engaging story line and exceptional character arcs. Truly an excellent finale to the series.

The game nails almost all of the elements a great action RPG should have and delivers them with an unprecedented level of polish and care. From the jaw dropping vistas, intense fight sequences, simple yet interesting puzzles and expansive environments it’s difficult to find fault in Uncharted 4.

The deep narrative driven story line and engaging characters are masterfully implemented and even surpass expectations from the previous titles in the series. Old favorites such as Elena and Sully are back to see Nathan through his final adventure, with a new recruit, Nathans long lost brother Sam, all perfectly voiced to award winning standards.

With the exception of a sluggish start (the first few hours of gameplay are specifically tailored to provide a more somber and endearing look back on Nathans passed adventures) the game paces itself well to the point where it’s impossible to pause, save or quit. It is quite simply a masterpiece and a worthy swan song for Nathan Drake.

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Setting the bar for action RPG's in 2016

A fitting ending to Nathan Drakes career, Uncharted 4 delivers in almost every way. Without a doubt one of the front runners for game of the year. If you don’t have this game, you should be buying it immediately. Go…NOW!


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