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200 Words – Stellaris review

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If you are an empire building strategy fan Stellaris is a game you should seriously consider buying. In essence it is Civilisation IV in space, or what Civilisation: Beyond Earth should have been.

For those who have never played a Civilisation or empire building strategy game, Stellaris is about running a space empire. From managing your empire’s income and building up your planets to researching new technologies and of course expanding via glorious space combat.

Stellaris is a surprisingly deep and well thought out strategy game. It allows you to play your chosen race (or create your own) however you want. Do you want to be a peace loving hippy bird people? By all means. Prefer to be a xenophobic warmongering slug man? Go for it! It allows for almost infinite replayability as the game will never progress the same way between play through’s.

My only gripe is the mid game where it turns into a cold war while everyone stops expanding to try and get a tech advantage.

Overall recommendation: absolutely buy this game if you love either strategy, sci-fi, role-playing or any combination of the three. The only choice you should need to make is between this and Warhammer (or both).

Empire building in space - done right!

Stellaris is the space empire building game we expected Civilization: Beyond Earth to be. Massive in scope, challenging, yet accessible. If 4X strategy games are your thing, this game is for you.


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